Schalk Burger

is designing and developing next-generation web apps

I enjoy creating clean designs, writing efficient code and finding simple solutions to problems.

I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

You can email me at

Skills & Interests

My main focus and passion revolves around designing and developing for the web, but I also have a keen interest and am skilled in the following areas:

  • Graphic Design, Brand Design, Photo Editing, Fonts & Typography and Interface Design Design
  • 3D Modeling, Video Game Design, Video Production & Editing, Live Streaming
  • Configuring Apache servers, setting up Virtual Hosts, enable HTTPS with Let's Encrypt
  • Hosting dedicated gaming servers and creating Discord bots
  • Administrating of networks, DevOps and pretty much anything to do with Security
  • Setting up Linux-based VM's and automating development processes (CircleCI)

Tech Stack

So I thought about sharing the apps and tools I use to get things done.

Design Tools

  • Figma for prototyping and designing user interfaces
  • I use Photoshop, and lately more often that not, Photopea for doing quick edits

Programming Tools

Web Apps Stack

  • I use React and Node.js as my primary frameworks when building websites and apps
  • For bootstrapping Single Page Apps, I like to use Create React App, but I am also experienced with Gatsby and Next.js
  • For CSS frameworks, I have used Tailwind, Bootstrap, Bulma and Tachyons
  • CSS processors I've used are CSS Modules and Sass, and I have a particular fondness for the latter
  • I have use Emotion and Styled Components for styling React apps.
  • To share code or find inspiration I like to use CodePen or CodeSandbox
  • I have used WordPress extensively in the past with Roots Sage to build websites that require content management

Other Software I use